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Electrofringe is a presenting platform for experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia. Through an annual program of unique exhibitions and events, Electrofringe seeks to foster innovative works and creative practices that use technology in new and exciting ways. Electrofringe focuses on putting artists and their works in the same place at the same time to encourage artistic exchange, development and dialogue. Our mission is to lead the way in consistently supporting emerging electronic and tech-based artists through the presentation of work and ideas; to lead the way in nurturing a vital culture of experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia through innovative programming and engagement with audiences.

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Electrofringe hosts free and open showcases, without commercial funding, run by volunteer and collaboration efforts. We are looking to build a community to help us make this organisation more integrated and accepted in the Sydney art and technology sphere. With a community of 30 artists, technologists and facilitators, and regular meetups, we are always working on new ideas and scenarios. We welcome you to host audiovisual showcases, workshops, collaborations, intermedia projects, and video screening programmes.

Electrofringe Toolkit

About the Toolkit
This toolkit is emerging out of a radical, participatory approach Electrofringe has been developing. We believe that arts institutions and organisations should share cultural production with creatives, emerging producers and audiences if that's something those people want to do. Electrofringe believes that transforming communities emerges in the act of co-creation. The ability to share the ownership of cultural production through collaborative curating, peer-to-peer networks and cooperative crowdsourcing is essential for challenging issues of participation and accessibility. The toolkit is a living document, being constantly added to and updated.

How the toolkit is being implemented
The peer framework of this toolkit will be introduced through a voluntary co-design workshop offered to the Electrofringe community. The participants will have follow-up online activity in editing this Wiki. The peer approach to editing a Wiki is flexible in that it offers a free choice for the participants to contribute and when and where from they contribute. It can be customised by staff and volunteers of Electrofringe to serve as a project management system or as a collaboration platform.

You can use it too
While Electrofringe-centric, this toolkit is free and open source. This means all the information and templates attached to this Wiki can be freely used by other artists, arts organisations, and anyone else who may find the tools useful. You can read our copyright statement here. The toolkit can be implemented by a leaderless group of individuals who would like to put on an event or a leadership team who want to distribute their roles out to a community.


Definitional Tools

What is the direction of our organisation? We explain the logic and theory that was used to develop the intervention. This set of tools articulate the strategic approaches to define our organisation and events, including templates that consist of structural diagrams and approaches to co-designing event themes with the community.

Planning & Productivity Tools

What is our plan and how do we develop it? These tools describe what the implementation plan is and how it was developed. These tools are initiative-specific and include timelines, checklists, site-maps and sample schedules.

Communication & Engagement Tools

We provide reasons for the need to engage with the community, the leadership team and the stakeholders, and also provide templates and forms that can be used. We offer insight on the use of various communications and networking platforms, and the importance of regular face-to-face meetups.

Design Tools

The design tools provide a basic rundown on design approaches, ways to make quick designs for free and without Adobe, and templates which include business cards, program guides, and brochures. How neat is that?

Financial Tools

We present a list of grants in Australia, but also discuss the importance of seeking funds outside the public fund's system. We discuss two crowdfunding options and how we used them to generate our own funds. There is also a list of templates which include budgets and sponsorship documents.

Documenting & Presenting Tools

In a day where everyone documents, how can our documentation stand-out? How can we best capture our events? How can we reach people in different geographic locations or who are not physically able to participate? This set of tools show some experimental approaches to documenting and presenting immaterial and interactive art.

Marketing Tools

We provide templates which may help teams who don't have a marketing person or where a few people share the role of marketing. These templates include marketing timeline, social media plan and a contact list focussed on NSW, Australia.

Evaluation Tools

How do we know that what we did actually works? Reflective reports, social media surveys and asking for feedback can be used to assess what works, even without a research team. The evaluation tools include identified outcomes, methods of reflection, and templates.

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Curatorial Tools

We are not reinventing the wheel, and we don't see the point of duplicating so much information, which is why the EF wiki is centred on EF. There are some very useful and interesting projects out there which offer so many valuable tools, guides and philosophical ideas. Here is a list of awesome things:

CRUMB - Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss - "CRUMB aims to help those who 'exhibit' new media art, including curators, technicians and artists."

New Media Curation, rigorously researched and put together by Deborah Turnbull Tillman - "New Media Curation (NMC) is a move towards understanding the curation of technological artworks. From action/response works supported by floorpads, to laser or image recognition installations, to generative and augmented works, NMC can assist you in facilitating, administering, and actualizing your exhibition both nationally and internationally."

KURATOR - "an association of curators and researchers interested in the intersection of contemporary curatorial practice and computational culture."

Curatorial Toolkit by Museums & Galleries of NSW. They also have other toolkits here.

The World of Free and Open Source Art is a Wiki of Wikis. "This non-exhaustive collection is intended to inspire, inform and enable people to apply peer-to-peer principles for making things and getting organised together'.

Electronic Art Events & Exhibting Platforms



Project Pixel
VJ Union
The Photon Exchange
Movement Melbourne
Share Sydney
Racket Sound Art Experiments
Pause Fest


Athens Digital Art Festival
Transmediale Festival for arts and digital culture
Splice Festival
AV Node resource
Live Performers Meeting
Space VJ Meeting
Shiny Toys
Scope Sessions - artist talks and media Saloon
MIRA Digital Arts Festival
Playground New Media Art Festival
Gogbot Festival
Resonate Festival

Maker Spaces and HackLabs